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Structured Power Distribution panel

Use low cost wire, low cost LED's and our AL-WS-DR2 Wall Switch dimmer-drivers for your lighting installations.   Easy to start yet scaleable to complex systems.   This panel connects 2 redundant 48 volt Power Supplies to all the lights in the house.  

  • 6 outputs with quick connect terminations, 100 watts each
  • 6 RJ45 connectors for DALI bus and 3-way switches
  • Dual 48v power supply inputs - can be 48 to 56 volts, 500 watts each
  • Relay failover
  • Load Balancing - load is split between the 2 inputs ( until failure)
  • Failure Detect - reports power supply failure to the DALI bus.  Reduces all light levels to all switches by 50% in the house in case one supply fails
  • Use for up to 24 AL-WS-DR2 switches
  • 65 mA DALI power supply.  Can be connected in parallel
  • Ground line for static discharge
  • built in RJ45 interconnect to connect 3-Way switches together.


  • DC input 2  46 to 56  V volts
    Power Output 6

    2000 mA limit per port

    RJ45 6 DALI and 3-Way bus
    DALI power supply 1

    16 Volts
    65 mA
    Short circuit shutdown.


Compatible Switch Products

  •   AL-WS-DR2 
  •   AL-WS-010v