AL-WS-USBc and USB charger with 44 to 51v input

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AL-WS-USBc in-Wall Decorator Style Wall Charger for USB and USB-C Devices. Fast Charge for 3 Devices, Compatible with Apple (2.1 Amp) Android (2.1 Amp) and USB-C (24 watts). Operates from 48 Volts DC

  • Dual USB and USB C charger for in-wall installation in Low Voltage projects
  • Operates with DC input for off grid and Direct Current installations. Use 24 or 48v input.
  • Fast charging of multiple devices at once. USB C auto Negotiation of charge voltage and current up to 20 volts to match device needs
  • Supports USB Apple 2.1 Amp fast charging, Android 2.1 Amp fast charging, and USB C fast charge

    Fast Charging dual USB and USB C adapter
    Part of the ATX LED family of Direct Current home products

    • dual 2.1 Amp USB

    • 24 Watt USB C
    • for Android and Apple
    • Cell phones, tablets, monitors, any USB or USB C device
    • 48v DC input recommended
    • 24v DC input for lower power
    • standard decorator format
    • install anywhere and easily without 120 vac wiring concerns