Link Alexa / Google / IFTTT to DMX, DALI or 0-10v fixtures

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Communicates with the Alexa, Google or IFTTT Cloud.
Three Models

A) Single Channel with DALI, DMX and 0-10v

Has one named device in the Alexa / Google Home App
3 standard Lighting interfaces controlled by that named device
0-10v output
DALI output   set Address, Group, Scene, Broadcast
DMX512 output  set 4 address types - color and white

B) DMX to DALI converters / DALI to DMX

Convert a 64 address DALI control bus to a 512 address DMX512 universe - or -
Convert a DMX512 universe to DALI control bus
Includes one Alexa / Google to DALI ( or DMX ) output
Combine with AL-WS-010v to mix physical switches with DMX console control

B) 8 Channel with DALI interface

Convert 8 individual devices named Alexa / Google to be controlled on a DALI bus.  Support 8 individual addresses or 8 groups 
set Address, Group, Scene, Broadcast

requires a 24v power supply - power supply included