PL-AF-FLOOD-8w outdoor PoE Floodlight with 802.3af PoE

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PoE Bright LED Flood - 8 watts of light
• Use this LED FLood up to 328 ft from a 110v power source
• No Electrician required - just use Ethernet cable to 328 ft with Cat-5e or better cable

• use any PoE switch or mode A injector with 48v power supply ( not included)
• Adjustable Motion detector
• RJ45 female input power
• Led Type: 8 watt flood light
• Material: Metal case and ABS sensor
• Waterproof rate: IP65
• Base color: Black Case
• Color temperature: 640 lumens, 3700-4000K warm white
• Voltage: 36 to 56 volts DC
• Product Weight: 0.45KG
• 200 ma from PoE side when LED is on

Other Options
• you can power up to 12 Floodlights from one power source, use our 1, 4, 8 or 12 port, 48v injector
• See also our PL-PoE-Flood for to allow one CAT-5e to be shared between a camera and a floodlight
• See also our 20 watt versions

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