DALI lighting master controller ATX LED hub

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This Pi HAT allows lighting devices on a DALI bus to be controlled. 

Use our software or yours.   A set of simple console commands is included.   Or use our Lor Control package for a complete system with Alexa/Google integration.  The software included allows a user to issue DALI commands that can turn lights On/Off and read back status.     

- Works with Raspberry PI 3B, 3B+ and 4
- input voltage 24-56v
- Pi Power from the Hat to the Pi - 5v 2a
- DALI Power - 16v  65 mA or 220 mA software selectable
- internal DALI power can be disabled by software
- internal consumption - 10 mA ( not including Pi or DALI )
- Compatible case - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01185IKFW/
- works with our ZWD software package
- or write your own code in Python to manage up to 64 DALI drivers
- compatible with our 2 and 4 channel models
- ZWD Software license available separately
- RJ45 connector for passive PoE power and DALI data
- See AL-PWS-8D for prewired RJ45 block
- STM32 co-processor for real time DALI commands

The ZWD software communicates with the AL-DALI-HAT.  ZWD emulates the Philips Hue App for remote management, and communication with Alexa for App and Voice control.  Web based local management page allows all DALI bus devices to be discovered and managed.

Use any industry standard DALI device.