Raspberry Pi HAT - DALI lighting master controller AL-DALI-HAT

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This Pi HAT allows lighting devices on a DALI bus to be controlled.  Out of the box - simple console commands can be entered to issue DALI commands that can turn lights On/Off and read back status.  To eliminate concerns about real time bus data - our on-board microprocessor converts the DALI physical bus to a 19200 baud serial port to the Pi.    

- Works with Raspberry PI 3 and 3+
- input voltage 24-56v
- STM32 co-processor for real time DALI commands
- 5v 2a power to the Pi
- 16v 65 mA DALI power supply ( jumper to disable)
- internal consumption - 10 mA
- Compatible case - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01185IKFW/
- write your own code in Python to manage up to 64 DALI drivers
- AL-DALI-RPI Software license available separately
- Passive PoE option for power and DALI data
- See PWS-POE-8 for power

AL-DALI-RPI software communicates with the ATX LED Cloud for remote management, and communicates with Alexa/Google/IFTTT etc for App and Voice control.  Web based local management page allows all DALI bus devices to be discovered and managed.

Use any ATX DALI drivers - or use any industry standard DALI device.