EUChips DALI-100 USB to DALI master, debugger, configuration tool and DALI power supply

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DALI-100 Master with USB Interface                                    Link to Software

  • Built in DALI power supply with 20 mA for small systems and testing
  • Easy connection to any Windows Laptop for operation by USB
  • Assign Short addresses to DALI devices
  • Scan the DALI bus for all devices
  • Change Short address assignments
  • Issue commands to the DALI Bus to control the Light level
    - Broadcast
    - Individual
    - Group
    - Scene
  • Configure Group settings
    - read existing Group associations for each address
    - write and change Group associations
  • Configure Scenes and test Scenes
  • Query device status
  • Set device parameters
    - Fade rate and time
    - power on DIM level
    - error response
    - Minimum and Maximum levels
  • Issue each DALI command in Debug mode
  • Display DALI responses
  • DALI-100 software online at
  • Technical Support in Austin Texas  512 377 6052